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ammunition designated only for law enforcement or military agencies. oakland city council members will discuss banning investing in gun or ammunition manufactureers. the city does not currently have any gun investments but the measure urges the oakland police and fire retirement fund to sell any gun investments they might have. the ban was already approved unanimously by a council committee. now it needs a vote of the full council to pass. >> santa clara board will meet to replace a former member who resigned and now faces up to a year in jail. he has agreed to plead guilty to felony charges later this month. he spent taxpayer and campaign donation money as his own. he admitted he suffers from a game peopling addiction and depression. supervisors will vote on two options, to appoint someone to the vacant seat or schedule an election between now and june 25. >> the bay area has a new distinction but nothing to be proud of, the commute if we need to tell you, is bad. so bad there is a new name for it. kira klapper is live with that. >> some of us can now refer to ourselves as mega c
is developing in the oakland area westbound 24 with c.h.p. now updated the situation and what happened a big rig lost a load of rebar and now there is a motorcycle involved and c.h.p. is not going do issue a sig-alert so obviously this will be cleared up shortly, westbound, 24, at broadway, so you can expect delays there. also, delays on bart at this hour, daly city to the east bay and early equipment problem is causing again-minute delays, if you are traveling toward the east bay, and take a quick look at the bay bridge toll plaza, light so far and we don't look to have metering lights but minor delays for cash paying folks. a pretty sky coming into san francisco. police are investigating an early morning home invasion in san francisco's portrero hill neighborhood and pistol whipped the victim and took the iphone and ipad and got away moments after the officers arrived. the suspects were tracked over to oakland but they got appear. >> two fallen santa cruz police officers are resting in peace after 10,000 people came together to honor them. officers, dignitary, friends and family filled san jos
are following breaking news out of downtown oakland. police are investigating a fatal shooting. christien kafton is live for us. >> reporter: let me tell you this is a large crime scene. it's spread out over five blocks here in downtown oakland. right now alameda county coroners office is on scene here just about to load the victim into a van to remove him from this scene. there was a very expensive sports car just about seven or eight minutes ago that expensive sports car was towed out of the area. we have video of what the scene looked like earlier. police say they responded to the scene around 3:00 this morning and found the dead man in the street with numerous shell casings around him. and there is another scene just about a block away with more shell casings there and a half block away again that very expensive sports car. it looked like ans aton martin vintage. that sports car is certainly part of this investigation. we saw investigators looking over it with flashlight and trying to get a little bit more information about that. as mike said a couple moments ago, this shooting happened when
happening right now, a major crime spree involving federal agents as oakland police stay right here with us . >>> the big news from berkeley. a fire at one of the bay area's best known restaurants. >> this happening right now in oakland. a major crime sweep involving federal agents and local police. a live report coming up. >> overnight news froms. the victim of a horrible home invasion robbery is now telling his story. >> more than 100 people have been living in a homeless camp in san jose. they are supposed to clear out this morning but many are still here. what is going to happen. mornings on 2 starts now. >> complete, bay area news coverage starts right now this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. welcome to mornings onto. i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. happening now, in oakland, federal agents and local police are teaming up for a major crime sweep. brian flores is live from oakland with new information on this developing story. >> reporter: good morning to you. what we are learning is that this police raid involving oakland police as well as united states marshalls, t
of track were re-opened in ten minutes. >> oakland police are searching for the person would shot and killed a san francisco mannerlily yesterday morning near 9th and clay in oakland, just blocks arm from police headquarters. the same was in his car when he got into a dispute with people inside another vehicle. they ended up shooting him. his car crashed and officers pronounced him dead at the seen. this is oakland's 17th homicide of the year. last year at this time oakland had 24 homicides. >> three local cities are considering laws to reduce plastic bags. council members in redwood city vote on a ban in retail stores that takes effect next month if approved. san carlos will adopt an ordinance tonight requiring the use of re-usable bags throughout the city. palo alto could expand the existing bag ban to include restaurants and require a charge for paper bags. both the san carlos and palo alto measures take effect in july. >> catholic cardinals meet at the vatican today preparing for the conclave. that is when one of the 115 men will emerge as the next leaders of the world's catho
the worst school in oakland, black, mexican, poke dot, give us the worse school anywhere in america, and we'll take it, and we'll out perform the other schools in five years. jowrn: ben created the model at the indian haven charter school in the heart of the a rough neighborhood. >> now, these are hard workers here. john: they have the highest test scores in california. you can do that on the same amount the state gives every school? >> well, yeah, less. we get less than every other school. >> the kids in american indian public charter schools are scoring so far above the average for the state for public school children, there's not a word for it. john: here at american indian, they pay some kids to tutor other kids. >> we hire students and pay them. they are excited to make money. reporter: chavez is politically incorrect. >> what do you want to study? >> science. >> science! a mexican in science? yeah, good for you, honey, a rare bird. john: criticized for strict rules. >> you were in trouble, weren't you, boy? >> they want us to succeed. >> he had to do pushups. >> you try hard. >> the o
created by a guy named ben chavez. here's what i say. >> give me the worst school in oakland, black, mexican, poke dot, give us the worse school anywhere in america, and we'll take it, and we'll out erform the other schools in five years. jowrn: ben created the model at the indian haven charter school in the heart of the a rough neighborhood. >> now, these are hard workers here. john: they have the highest test scores in california. you can do that on the same amount the state gives every school? >> well, yeah, less. we get less than every other school. >> the kids in american indian public charter schools are scoring so far above the average for the state for public school children, there's not a word for it. john: here at american indian, they pay some kids to tutor other kids. >> we hire students and pay them. they are excited to make money. reporter: chavez is politically incorrect. >> what do you want to study? >> science. >> science! a mexican in science? yeah, good for you, honey, a rare bird. john: criticized for strict rules. >> you ere in trouble, weren't you, boy? >> they
for stanley e- mail us at 'people behaving badly' at kron- four-dot- com. still ahead, one oakland a fire in berkeley at a restaurant. yuli is on the scene. and here is a live look at the outside conditions. >> welcome back. 'chez panisse'... is the site of this restaurant fire. >> it is still not known but the damage seems to be significant. there were not even sure if it was of the inside with the outside but they just responded at 3:00 a.m. let me show you video of one this actually was active. when they showed up the officials knew that it was a landmark restaurant. they have quickly figured it out that it was more of an exterior fire and an interior fire and were able to put it out. they just want to make sure that there is no further damage inside the building. so they are trying to tear down the branches because there is a large tree in front of the restaurant. making sure the there are no pockets of flames or smoldering inside. it seems to be pretty significant damage. they are saying that this is a out of commission. but the good news is that this is salvageable. there were sp
the break, neighbors of oakland's mayor taking safety into their own hands. >> we hope she'll join in tomorrow if she wants. >> reporter: what they're doing and why they don't want to rely on the police. >> vacant for a decade. we will reveal the plans for this building. >> we're really excited about helping it flourish. >>> plus the perks of being a politician. details on a hawaii trip some lawmakers took but did not fully pay for. 97 ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] now's the time to save 5% off every day with your lowe's consumer credit card. >>> new at 6:00, public patrols may be coming to oakland mayor gene quan's neighborhood but not because she ordered them. ktvu's paul chamber is in the news now with the security concern that has her neighbors looking into this new option. paul-- >> reporter: frank people living in the oakland hills say enough is enough with burglaries in the area. so they're taking matters into their own hands and hiring public securities. back in june of 2011 i did a story with libby shaft about neighbors who also hired private security. neighbored walked the s
is expected for oakland. 62 degrees for downtown san jose. i do want to talk about daylight savings time. i want to compare a saturday and sunday. sunrise saturday it will be at 6:29 a.m.. but on sunday, would push the clocks for it will be 7:27 a.m.. sunset on saturday is 612 and afternoon. the sunset will not go down to 7:13 p.m.. just keep this in mind for the weekend. >> your kron 47 day around the bay highlights springlike weather as we start the next work week. we are not expected to see a raindrop in sight. >> a big change is coming to the golden gate bridge sooner than you might think. the bridge district is converting to all electronic tolls beginning with the morning commute on wednesday march 27th. while this change is expected to save the district millions of dollars, it also means 38 toll takers are being laid off. nine of whom have been with the bridge companied for years. >> this is a beautiful thing. i get to sit and see the sunrise over the bridge. it is always something new here. it is always positive. for its the end this way it is very emotional. i will miss my regular c
on schedule. we'll come in and see some yellow in the oakland hills. we'll come in in the north bay and we're looking at rainfall around napa it's pretty heavy right now and the american canyon area by 29. if you head out towards vallejo and martinez. these yellows that's significant rainfall. it's coming down hard and you're having a rough time seeing when you're driving. check out berkeley and oakland. steady rain here with the greens. we are seeing really heavy stuff coming in over the hills right now. as a matter of fact let's put this many motion and we get a feel for the motion of the showers. they're moving off very rapidly out toward the west there. let's take another peek and we'll come in closer. out by 82, sunny vale and santa clara coming down hard. there's more behind it. how is that morning commute going to go and what about those thunderstorms? we'll be back here in 10 minutes with all the details. >>> stale with the 10:00 news as bill mentioned he'll be back at 10:20 with how this storm will affect you tomorrow. and the complete bay area forecast including when the next ro
gold artifact stolen from the oakland museum is back. police returned that artifact shown here, a jewelry box, to the museum today. the box is worth about $800,000. it was stolen in january. investigators say on sunday they arrest this had man, a parolee andre franklin, and they found evidence on him that linked him not only to the burglary in january but also to another burglary in november of last year. franklin has been charged in both crimes. the museum has said it made internal changes to protect its valuables. >> we have really worked tirelessly for about four months to improve and are still working to make sure that is -- that everything we can do is in place. >> police are still searching for a few items that were stolen including two pistols and some gold nuggets. >> a semiautomatic rifle like this one stole friend an unmarked san francisco police car found across the bay. oakland officers traced the ar-15 to a house on the 1300 block. several people were detained but no one arrested. they are still trying to figure out how the rifle taken from the patrol car on saturd
, "today in the bay." >>> we also have another developing story. police in san francisco and oakland search for two men accused of pistol whipping a victim during a home invasion robbery. san francisco police say two men wearing dark clothing forced their way into a home on 23rd street in potrero hill. the suspects took the victim's iphone and took off. right now the suspects are still on the loose. >>> this morning the chp still trying to figure out exactly why a person hit and killed on highway 237 was trying to cross that freeway in the first place. that person was hit and killed by a car trying to cross eastbound 237 near north 1st street in san jose about 8:45 last night. the chp says the driver of the car remained at the scene and called police. the driver says he didn't even see a car on the side of the road and that person was "apparently running across the lanes." >>> happening now, more than 100 people living at a homeless encampment in san jose will soon be on the move. the city will start clearing out the camp located south of mineta airport in just a for you hours from now. bob
and intend to keep them. >>> something to celebrate for oakland police. they recovered a priceless piece of california history. taken in a brazen museum burglary, but kpix5 tells us the case is far from closed. >> it's been many sleepless nights. >> it may look like an expensive jewelry box, but this evokes a will the of emotion. it's one of the iconic pieces in this museum. and when they got the call yesterday that it had been recovered -- >> i cried. i pulled over and i burst into tears. >> oakland police say andre franklin has been charged with possession of stolen property. they have been looking for him for the past three weeks and found him driving in oakland on sunday. they would not say if there are other suspects. >> this is an on going investigation of what he told us why it was stolen. i don't want to jeopardize the case. we are actively trying to get items back. >> other items are gold nuggets. the box was taken in january. it was valued years ago at $800,000, long before the price of gold skyrocketed and is priceless for its historic value. it's that history that clicke
are in the upper 40's and 49 in oakland and mid-40's for half moon bay and santa cruz. we are warmer this morning. we still have a lot of cloud cover left over from yesterday's rain, half an inch picked up around san jose. this morning, the numbers are dropping into the north bay with upper 30's in santa rosa and 37 in napa and 46 in livermore and union city, as well, in the mid 40's. we have temperatures this morning compared to yesterday at four to seven degrees warmer and it sets the stage for a little bit of a warm-up today. we will have that because of the sunshine. the real warm up is over the weekend. clouds this morning and sunny and cool this afternoon and the numbers will warm up over the weekend as the low pressure continues to move out of the picket. sue has an update whether the rain has created some traffic troubles on this friday. >> couple of things, good morning, everyone. at the bay bridge, the tolls are light with no issues and traffic is flowing into the city fine but slick roads cause for some issues and we do have pretty good commute out of antioch and we will get a closer l
discovered programs in place at most of the nation's major airports. including sfo, oakland and san jose, where airport specialists can shoot and kill birds that pose a risk of colliding with aircraft taking off or landing. >> as soon as we are finding planes and birds are flying, there will be a conflict. >> a qualified biologist, he serves as a wild life biologist with the fish and wild life service in sacramento. they issue permits to shoot and kill birds but only after everything else has failed to scare off the birds. >> when dealing with a bird. we want lethal removal to the the last option t we want it to be a direct threat to human health and safety. >> at sfo, there's been 211 bird collisions in the last two years, up significantly. and in oakland international. 115 and where just this january, they began using live ammunition to shoot birds the faa recorded 114 collisions, down from the previous two years. >>> and during the first month and a half of the program. wild life officers killed a dozen birds at sjc and in oakland, they report shoots less than 100 a month, or 1200 bir
are not terrible, 29.6 minutes in san francisco and 27.8 minutes in oakland, and santa clara county drivers have an acknowledge commute of 24.7 minutes. a lot better than a mega commuter who spents 90 minutes one way, three hours round trip, on the road every day. in the newsroom for abc7 news. >> rain predicted tonight could make problems in san francisco west portal neighborhood worse. a water main broke up several sinkholes and the ground is sinking in at least five locations right new, three homes are red tagged as unlivable, and some residents are worried that dust from clean up efforts are causing health problems. >> my wife has a sinus infection and double ear infection and i am getting an infection in the chest. >> insurance companies are not helping. but officials tell residents they will cough damages caused by the watermain break. >> an assault rifle stolen from a police officer's vehicle has been recovered. few vehicles have been released. the ar-15 was taken from an unmarked car like this one. officials say the car was parked and locked while officers were working in the neighbor. i
night across the bay at a home in oakland. >> oakland police department started surveillance, they developed probable cause and ordered a warrant. a weapon was recovered and several people were detained. >> the ar15 are given to officers who are especially trained. >>> oakland police say they've recovered a priceless item stolen from the museum. what we learned about the suspect taken into custody. >>> today a memorial was held for -- the caskets of sergeant lauren butch baker and detective elizabeth butler will be on display on ocean street between 3:00 3:00 and 8:00 p.m. tomorrow and the public is invited. the city of santa cruz announced that free vouchers will be available at san jose's hp pavilion. buses will leave from santa cruz and scotts valley. >>> ktvu will air the funeral live on thursday march 7th. >>> it is a record day on wall treat. -- wall street. the dow was up at 125. our consumer editor tom vacar here now and tells us how those numbers can trickle down and affect everyone. >> reporter: it was a great day on wall street but also here on main street in wal
>>> oakland police released this video of a brazen robbery as they announce several arrests in a crime sweep that was months in the making. good evening i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and i'm frank somerville. that video is one reason why police were sweeping streets. we have the blunt statement from the chief of police about just how violent some of these gang members are. john sasaki has the story. >> reporter: police officers and state agents dropped the hammer on some of oakland's most violent offenders. all part of an effort to rid the streets of violent offenders. >> probably the most violent group of people i've seen in the last few years. >> reporter: they're violent not for money or turf. >> it was basically they hated the other gang. >> reporter: police released this surveillance video they say was committed by members of that new gang. >> we found out fairly quickly that these groups every day were planning on ways to commit violent acts within the community of oakland. >>> this - - >> reporter: this is all part of operation seize fire. oakland city officials hosted a h
jewelry box was taken from the oakland museum of california in january. two months earlier gold nuggets and gold rush era pistols were stolen in another break-in. those items are still missing. so for police recovering the stolen box was personal. >> all the investigators that assisted me, we're all working together as a team, we were actually so happy. we thought we were in the room with the national treasure. >> police also made an arrest, 45-year-old parolee andre franklin taken in on sunday. opd won't confirm whether he is the suspect in the earlier break-in, as well. >>> new details on an emergency landing in san jose this morning. the pilot of the alaska airlines plane got a warning of a possible engine fire 20 minutes into the flight from san jose to idaho. the pilot declared an emergency, turned around and came ban t mineta. the passengers were unhurt and put on other flights. >>> in richmond, experts are checking out how much damage was done to a sailboat stolen and beached near pacifica yesterday. the 82-foot "darling" was he had to do rich
heard howling drop the morning. 17 per mile an hour winds. >> 23 around the oakland hills. >> dusty conditions as she stepped outside. heading into the afternoon everyone in the mid to upper 50s. >> your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows will continue weather as we transition into tomorrow. friday that mix of sun and cloud into the upper 50s. a gradual warm up heading into the weekend. push your clocks forward. it will fill like springtime yet again because it is. temperatures back in the low seventies as we start the next work weeks. off we will continue tomorrow and to your forecast on kron 4. in the meantime take a look at traffic. no hot spots despite the wet roadway. a live look outside the camera is shaking around that is the bay bridge span. >> all is well for your ride into san francisco also back at the toll plaza. >> a live look at the golden gate bridge. and let deck awaits you. >> few cars on the span. your drive under 25 minutes out of navato into the city. >> turning to downtown san jose all is well. no buildup in traffic of around san jose manetta. >> the tim
poetically across the nearly two-mile span of the oakland-san francisco bay bridge are the creation of artist leo villareal. last night, he put the finishing touches on the software program that transforms the bridge into this light sculpture. >> this is a unique opportunity. 50 million people will see this piece over two years. so that's a tremendous audience. and it's something that anyone can see and engage with. >> reporter: electricians spent four months in the wind and the cold installing 25,000 l.e.d. lights, each individually programmed to a fiberoptic network. villareal then began sculpting the light into patterns he says will never look exactly the same. it changes constantly. how do you do that? >> well, using software, there are sequences which will be displayed in a random order and for a random amount of time. one might recognize a certain passage but never in the same order for the same amount of time. >> reporter: you're inspired by the traffic that goes across here? >> all the motion, that factors into my inspiration for creat
: oakland police arrested a man who they say, broke into the oakland museum back in january, and stole a gold artifact worth nearly a million dollars. kron 4's alecia reid. spoke to police. who say, the suspect is the *same man responsible for burglarizing the museum. and stealing pistols and gold nuggets late last year. >> reporter: this is now returned to the oakland museum it was stolen in the month of january. the piece of history that was passed down from the gold rush era was returned to day. and in jail is 45 year-old suspect. a warrant was issued and picked up on sunday. they say that he is also responsible for breaking into the museum in november. stealing gold nuggets and a pistol. now the museum is a very cautious. >> we will take additional security precautions immediately after the november 1st burglary. we have been confident of our enhancement of security and yet again in the month of january. with round-the- clock security in calories. we also undertaken permanent enhancements to our security system and improvements. >> reporter: the museum wants to put the artefact bac
lee accused of stealing a historic jewelry box from the oakland museum of california is behind bars tonight and the art fact is back where it belongs. officials at the museum were joined today to announce the safe recovery of the 19th century box valued at more than $800,000. the box went missing last month. surveillance footage helped investigators identify and arrest 45-year-old franklin, a pa row lee with a lengthy criminal record. >> this morning the district attorney's office charged mr. franklin with one count of stolen property at this time the case is still extremely active. >> in november of last year, someone made off with three his tore irk pistols and gold nuggets that were on display at the museum. those items have not yet been recovered. police say franklin could be a suspect in that case, as well. >>> san francisco police have recovered an assault rifle that was stolen from an unmarked police cruiser over the weekend. an ar-15 military-style weapon similar toth one you see here was found during a search of a home in east oakland yesterday. oakland police detained and
with extra security. but the changes helped insure a peaceful first friday art walk in oakland last night. the changes remain after a fatal shooting of a teenager at last month's event. organizers banned alcohol. ended the walk an hour earlier at 9:00 p.m. and shortened it from 10 blocks to seven. there was extra security and a strong police presence. >> when you look at the city and what it is trying to do, they tried images of oakland to change the businesses and this is sort of the calling card. >> a candlelight vigil was held to remember the 131 homicide victims in oakland st year. >>> new information shows a loophole allows sant cruise gunman jer ny goulet to fall off police radar. investigators say he had a history of crimes before killing two detectives on tuesday. he was convicted of peeping incidents in three different cities and accused of raping two women while serving in the military in hawaii but the santa cruz sentinel is reporting that he never appeared on two law enforcement computer databases that track criminals. >>> meanwhile the santa cruz community is rallying to comf
investigation. lots of new details. >> and frightening video of a robbery in oakland. >> and the new bay bridge getting closer to being done. the big milestone happening today. the construction of the new eastern span. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu mornings on two. >> and good morning. welcome to mornings on two. it's saturday march 9th. >> good morning. let's get over to rosemary and a quick look at that saturday forecast. >> good morning to you. we have a warm up in store for your weekend at this hour. a chilly start but the sun has been up for about a half hour so we won't get colder in the extended forecast. we will stay mild and dry. ly have your numbers at this our and for the afternoon coming up. >> we are tracking developing news. the homicide investigation near haywood this morning. christian is live near princeton street and sunset boulevard with new information he just got with in the past hour. >> reporter: this is a developing investigation. let's give you a live look. you can see there is still a sheriff's patrol vehicle here. deputi
a lidiar con la tragedia. cesar ---hoy el concejo de oakland debatira una propuesta, take vo ---que prohibiria que el ayuntamiento invierta en companias que fabrican armas de fuego... ---la medida tambien pondra presion para que los departamento s de policia, bomberos y a los que manejan fondos de jubilacion de empleados hagan lo mismo... topvo blanca ---mientras que en san francisco tambien surgen otras propuestas contra las armas de fuego y municiones. ---la junta de supervisores analiza hoy una medida que prohibiria el uso de balas expansivas consideradas ultra letales. ---dichos proyectiles explotan al impactar su blanco, causando grandes daÑos. topvo cesar ---ya fue recuperado un rifle semiautomatic o que habia sido robado de un vehiculo de la policia de san francisco mientras un agente investigaba un delito en el vecindario soma... ---el rifle ar-15 fue localizado en una casa de la avenida 88 en el este de oakland ayer por la noche.. ---todavia no hay arrestos y continua la busqueda del sospechoso... cesar ---estar tarde, cientos de empleados municipales de san francisco, se
later in this newscast. >> jubilant city leaders gather with oakland police today to announce recovery of 800,000 dollar jewelry box stolen in january from the museum of california. they also have a suspect under arrest. here's fv laura anthony. >> before is that the chest. yes. >>reporter: nearly two months after valuable historic box was stolen from the oakland museum of california a trio of beaming police officers package with the taking attached back into the building. >> today history was restored to the city of oakland. and state of california. rare 19 century piece was discovered by oakland police monday inside a business. it was stolen january 7th in the second of 2 recent burglary at the museum. suspect in both incidents is a 45-year-old parolee named andre t frank lip. how does the box look. >> it looks wonderful. >> some piece that is capture your imagination this box and collection does i gts guess that's why it's been stolen twice now. >>reporter: it was stolen and recovered once before in 1978. this time police credit the museum extensive video surveillance system
or before, and police were able to track the suspects across the bay bridge to oakland but they lost sight of the vehicle. >> two fallen santa cruz police officers are finally resting in peace after nearly 10,000 people came together to honor them. officers, dignitaries and friends and family filled san jose's h.p. pavillion to remember and celebrate the lives of detective sergeant loran "butch" baker and detective elizabeth butler. the two were shot and killed by a sexual assault suspect. they were the first santa cruz police officers to be killed in the line of duty. >> two heroes, two friends, taken far too soon at the hands of a madman. this was the touching tribute outside the h.p. pavilion with the uniform officers raising their hands in salute at the vehicles carrying the two officers left at the memorial. >> new this morning, a 239-year-old driver under arrest for the death of a san francisco high school student is scheduled to be in court today. the woman is charged with driving under the influence and killing the 17-year-old and faces up to ten years in prison. chang was walking
at 21 miles per hour in navado. travel cautiously. oakland sustained at 25 miles per hour. that means you could get caught by a strong gust as you cross the bay bridge this morning. let's talk about showers. take you to the future via future cast. most of the moisture starting to lighten up and press to the south. by mid-morning we'll see spotty activity. at 6:00 p.m. starting to clear out. we are not cone yet. more rain on the way as we head through thursday morning just in time. you said it, for the morning rush. unfortunately that's how the storms have been timing out for a couple of months. 56 degrees in livermore. 58 in fremont. 57 degrees in san b jose. you think about the rain coming through after the front passes. the cold air settles in. low snow levels. we could see another round of foothills snow through tomorrow morning. that's what we are talking about. by friday we clear you out. showers lipger saturday morning but the sun comes back. we warm into the 60s. look at monday. weather whiplash again. a 20-degree jump between today and monday. we'll enjoy the 70s. don't forget
is in exchange for the city of oakland's police department not going under federal control. >> thank you. >>> now, the federal appointment just happens to come on the heels of our exclusive kpix 5 poll. 71% of oaklanders who responded told us crime is the number one issue in their city. crime concerns are much lower in san jose and san francisco. and you can find the full results of that poll on our website, >>> well, oakland police did have something to celebrate today. they recovered a priceless piece of california history taken in a brazen museum burglary. kpix 5 reporter ann notarangelo shows us the case is far from closed. >> reporter: the jewelry box is exactly where it should be. it's in the museum behind me but it is still a mystery as to who took it and what were they going to do with it? >> it's been many sleepless nights. >> reporter: it may look like just an expense every jewelry box but this piece of california gold rush history evokes a lot of emotion. it's one of the iconic pieces in this museum. and when the
able to track that suspect's car across the bay bridge in oakland but they ultimately lost track of them. >>> fremont police need your help finding the man connected to a rash of home burglaries. lawrence narrow is accused burglaries near meyer court. he's 25 years old and wanted a $1 million bond. police say he's 5'10", sometimes has a beard. he has led police on several chases sometimes ditching a car and jumping fences to escape. >>> it's 5:07. more reasons to call this feel-good friday. it's friday of course and christina loren says that rain is going away. we'll see sunshine for the weekend. >> spring-like weather returning very soon to the bay area. good morning to you, jon and laura. taking a live look at your doppler radar. showers just started to subside over the past couple of hours. your highways are nice and slick. we'll see on and off very isolated activity as we head throughout the morning. want to widen out for you and show you this sprawling area of low pressure. this is our weather maker starting to move into southern california. it will continue to move through
will face her husband's accused killer in a murder trial. jinghong kang was shot and killed in oakland in 2010. he was from virginia and interviewing for a job with google. kang's widow has traveled across the country to express her grief and testify in court. >> he was not only my husband. he actually was my best friend also. so the loss of him is not only the loss of a husband. it's the loss of everything. >> george huggins and his girlfriend have been charged with the killing. huggins's trial starts today. >>> a $10,000 reward is being offered in a burglary case in which a richmond police officer's dogs were poisoned last friday. when he took the dog from the vet, someone stole five guns and other items from his home and also poisoned a k-9 police dog in his care. the pet dog died. the k-9 is recovering. >>> san francisco will re- examine their policy now. last saturday, a semi-automatic ar-13 was stolen from the trunk of a police car south of market. investigators found it in oakland. san francisco police say the officers assigned to the car did not break any rules but the departme
yesterday's but still above freezing. 36 and napa. 49 and oakland. 44 for san mateo. >> your afternoon highs will show mid to upper 50s and lows '60s. pleasanton 62. 58 for san francisco 59 in san mateo. >> your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast highlights unsettled weather for the next couple of days. we are back into the sunshine it will feel like springtime once again as we transition into the weekend. >> more details on the extended forecast coming up in my next report. >> meantime taking it to the traffic desk. we are observing overnight construction at the toll plaza. the lanes are called off and the chp crews are sitting there. >>--coned off >> at the san mateo bridge no problems. the drive 12-13 minutes. >> south bound 101, the golden gate bridge problem free for those of you commuting of the north bay. james. >> thank you erica. onto our top story three people behind bars after a stolen 82 ft. luxury yacht ran aroua ground in pacifica. we first reported this story to you in a live report yesterday morning. the yacht ran aground in london mar beach. police said the owner called in
to the morning. 36 in vallejo. 39 for concord. 45 in oakland. afternoon highs we will see plenty of mid to upper 50s. we were men of a chilly side. 57 for fairfield and antioch. 53 in san rafeal. >> your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows we could see clearing showers early friday morning. i think friday will be a transition day meeting, we will see better conditions in to the afternoon. >> temperatures could maxed out in the low 60s. the gradual warning kicked into full gear heading into saturday and sunday. >> we will be back in the sunshine enjoying seventies starting the next work week. >> a lot of changes in our extended forecast. full details on what to expect my next report. >> meantime over to the traffic desk quiet out there. a live look at the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza. a quiet ride out oakland into the city. no problems from the east shore freeway. westbound 580 or the limits approach. >> san mateo looking good in both directions of highway 92 the drive time 12-13 minutes. >> south bound 101 overnight construction getting down to the bridge. you may encounter minor
collisions between birds and airplanes the last two years, up significant lit previous two years. at oakland international 115. mineta san jose international, just this january they began using live a mission to shoot birds, the faa officially recorded 114 collisions between birds and planes, dune from the previous two years. during the first half of the program, wildlife officers killed a dozen birds at sjc. at oakland international, where they have been shooting birds a decade, they report shooting less than 100 a month, or about 1200 bared year. -- 1200 birds a year. >> i think there are other ways to keep birds out of the intake of jet airplanes. >> reporter: the n her general had questions of its own about this wildlife mitigation program, this report last august, the faa does not oversee wildlife adequately, does not conduct robust inspections of the program at airports and does not ensure that airports fully adhere to program requirements. for its part, the faa says it has adopted the majority of the ig's recommendations i and will continue to make improvements in the wildlife program
resicdente de oakland es acusado. >> y evmos comos e uscan a dos recluson, uno de 18 y el otro de 15. >> los oficvisles del salgusacil ncontaton la vestimenta de los reos . >> acorde con la policía los hechos ocurrieron en la calle misión., >> a la víctima la traladaron al hospital general de san francisco >> pronto se sumaran al departamento de policía de san josé y serán desplazadso para ver las calles de la ciudad y una gran mayoría de hispanos vemos como puede aprender sobre los beneficios y aprendio jace años una cuenrta de ahortros. >> con mi mamá decidicmos que era tiempo de abrir una cuenta de ahorros. >> tengi una cuenta de ahorro pero no se si itulizarla porque no sé si podre haceer los pagos. >> los niños que tienen cuentas a su nombre tienen más posiblidades de ir a la ciauda. >> la personas que no tienen cuenta en el banco gastan miles de dólarte en cambios >> evelion lo ve como una ibnversion en su futuro >> ;la competencia en los bancos vemos como a causado una gran demanda. >> en los Ángeles u trabajador hacia labores de escabacion sin caber sus minutos staban c
the streets of oakland. they'll patrolling streets tomorrow with their field training officers. they graduated just last week from oakland's first police academy in nearly 5 years. they've been meeting with community groups and learning about court mandated reforms. a new police academy started last monday with 51 recruits. >>> tomorrow's april 1est. but police aren't fooling when they say they'll crack down on drivers who text or use handheld cell phones. it's an operation supported by federal highway safety dollars, 28% of all crashes each year now involve drivers using cell phones or texting. a study shows adults are more me likely to be distracted than teens. nearly half of all adults, 49%, text and drive even though they know it's dangerous. >>> the california condor is preserved on the edge of recovery. two decades ago it was nearly extinct but now it's growing. a new threat is emerging. dan ashley shows us the single largest killer of condors and how it can be stopped. >> the california condor, the largest land bird in north america. an adult can weigh 31 pounds, stand 4.5 feet with a w
of killing a prospective google employee in downtown oakland. prosecutors say george huggins shot the man a three times after demanding money from him. the victim was in town for a job interview at google 6:1 1 now. is it time to hit the slopes in the sierra? we have a live look at the conditions before you pack up the skis and snow boards. >> and we'll show you how capitol hill is hunkering down and what the winter storm means for flights in the bay area. >> we could hit another record on the dow this morning. we'll look at the futures in a bit. enough about the book, i want to hear about your date. well, he showed up in a van. [ women ] oh-awww. [ voices in background ] [ female announcer ] swapportunity. the opportunity to swap a higher calorie snack for a delicious 90 calorie yoplait light. ♪ sorry... about your date, the details of your date. [ female announcer ] just one swap a day helps keep the calories away. yoplait. it is so good. >> announcer: you're watching "today in the bay." >> we are talking history at the markets. the dow may be headed toward another record this morning
. >>> this just in, oakland police wrapping up a major sting operation, arresting at least a dozen people believed to be responsible for a list of shootings and homicides. police cruisers and s.w.a.t. vehicles lining the streets of neighborhoods this morning as police and other law enforcement agencies serve search warrants. the raid started before dawn. and authorities say they arrested a total of 12 people and seized one ak-47. oakland police chief howard jordan says the efforts have required a lot of teamwork. >> in addition to all of our federal, state and local partners that have joined us today, we have commitments from them to be here as long as necessary so that they can help us reduce violent crime in oakland. >> police say their work is not done. they're still looking for seven more suspects who are expecting to learn more in a press conference coming up expected to happen at 11:00 this morning. >>> in the south bay a large homeless encampment is being forced to move out this morning. police and city crews showed up a couple hours ago to start cleaning up the area. but many people who we
are around oakland hills. 10 mi. over fairfield. i will get temperatures of our extended forecast coming up in my next report. >> timeout is 7:31 a.m. and we have a developing story we're following out of san francisco. will tran is on the scene. a miracle metmedical marijuana club may have a possible hostage situation. this is near wallace island avenue and generous street. >> hostage negotiators have arrived at the scene, they are not sure of their houses inside but they assume that there were because there were employees inside at the time. that is the very latest. we also learned that the fourth suspect who broke into the mimedical marijuana plant and on ski mask at the time. they arrested three people, one person is still holed up inside. built police officers arrived in full force with their guns drawn at setting and crotch and behind the cars. -- sitting and crouching behind the cars. they continue to push this back, of the entire neighborhood is pretty much and it down. the suspect is still inside. just moments ago we spoke with the public information officer with the san francisco
area, down to oakland and saw this on the way. just after the bridge. he said that a truck lost a load and it is in many of the lanes and traffic is beginning just now to slow. not sure if chp knows about this yet. right now 80 westbound is going to be slow as you drive through that area. then slow after that as well. driving from -- because of earlier problems in berkeley which have been cleared. 80 isn't a great drive right now as you drive west. let's go to the toll plaza where you will see a back up here at the toll plaza. eight to ten minutes which is lighter than usual. driving in san jose, northbound 280 looks good, so does 101, 85, and 17. >> good morning. here is the live camera looking toward the bay. most of the bay area so far this morning on the dry side. just lots of cloud cover and cool temperatures, that will be changing later on today. here you can see a live storm tracker 2. we have been watching this cluster of rain showers since 4:30. they haven't been moving to much. liting bit of activity moving in to parts of marin. we will come in tight closer to point reyes an
that arrested him in the state of oakland. >> why these items were stolen but because this is still an active investigation they are being very cautious about the information the release. in oakland, kron 4. stolen yacht. the three people arrested are facing grand theft and conspiracy charges. these are names and ages of the suspects. all three are set to be arraigned later this week. three people being held tonight on one million dollars bail. investigators say they stole a yacht from sausalito -- then ran it aground at a pacifica beach. kron4's jackie sissel reports from richmond, where the boat is now -- and shows us the damage. there is damage to the propeller. you can see this is one of the crewmembers surveying the damage. and the damage that was done. this is video from yesterday. were this entire bizarre thing started. the coast guard received a call of a boulder in distress. and the seven, and at that point they sent out the coast guard. eventually they discovered that three people had stolen the boat. they were still on the boat during this entire process. he eventually they got th
-known neighbor, the bay bridge, which links san francisco with oakland. it has been outfitted with 25,000 led lights. >> they have been programmed to create a variety of patterns. and is said to be the world's biggest light sculpture, and it will be on show for the next two years. >> smartly, it is not visible to drivers on the bridge so they will not get distracted. highly visible for everybody else. more news for you at the top of the hour. stay with us. captioned by the national captioning institute
they turned on the lights for a massive public art installation that illuminates the san francisco oakland bay bridge. john blackstone spoke with the artist. >> reporter: the lights moving poetically across a two-mile span across the oakland bay bridge are the creation of artist nathan villarreal. on his laptop he put the latest touches that transforms the bridge into a light sculpture. >> this is a unique opportunity. 50 million people will see this over two years. it's something anyone can see and engage with. >> reporter: electricians spent four months in the wind and the cold installing 25,000 l.e.d. lights, each individually programmed to a fiberoptic network. villarreal then began sculptoring the light into patterns he says will never look exactly the same. it changes constantly. how do you do that? >> well, using software. there are sequences which will be displayed in random order in random amount of time. some may recognize the same passage but never in the same order or at the same time. all the motion factors into my creation. water, birds, it's abstract
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